Cute Good Night Messages

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Cute Good Night Messages

Happy night Love!!! This message is for you to remember that our most beautiful dreams when sleeping in your nights will dominate the day and make life sweeter.

God is with your rest, that tomorrow you will have the opportunity of a better day with your loved ones.

I want to tell you that my most beautiful dreams every day when sleeping has the sky in the background and you as the protagonist.

I love you with my heart and these phrases of good night love; they are just the constancy that my dreams include you, before and after sleeping.

The words of love that I told you one morning was the reflection of a sweet day that was made better by seeing your eyes.

I wish that at night you have the most beautiful dreams. Thanks for being in my day today.

Good evening, love; your best dreams come true for the day I want to make you fall in love

Happy night love of my dreams I hope one day to sleep with you and share your most beautiful wishes for a full life.

Rest, my love your days will be dreams to fulfill and your nights of much rest A kiss

Happy night, my love, my dream!!! These are my beautiful words before sleeping: Good dreams and better nights.

I want in my days, your dreams and when sleeping, our desires as a couple for the sweetest life.

Thank you, God for this day, for so many dreams of life fulfilled I dedicate these phrases and goodnight messages.

Beside whom we love the most, every day we are better Happy night and better tomorrow, my heaven.

You dream of sleeping can see what the heart desires and I want with these phrases of the happy night the sweetest gift of life: your kisses.

I love you I dream that you are with you, always happy night and day with the sweetest love of life.

Many goodnight phrases on Facebook I sent you when we had only one friendship now sleeping and dreaming is the sweetest thing in life because my dreams are now your dream.

I want to conquer my days a lot of rest to sleep in your dreams A kiss this day of true love and more nights of sincere dreams.

Let it be today of those good nights, in which the phrases and messages of love come true.

The happy night that the moon that is with you, illuminate your dreams until the day so that you always have love.

Cute Good Night Messages

Cute Good Night Messages

Cute Good Night Messages

Cute Good Night Messages

Cute Good Night Messages

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