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The night brings us that feeling of melancholy that characterizes lovers who are far from each other. The darkness, the moon, and the stars, fill us with that sadness that causes us not to be able to touch our special person, not being able to hold her and tell her how much we love her; but, above all, because we cannot be by his side and see how he falls asleep.

You wish with all your heart to be lying next to him, to pass your fingers through his hair, and to feel how his breaths are paced and sleep takes over each one. They know that after a few seconds they will be dreaming of each other, continuing with their love in that world where reality turns into fantasy.

But when you cannot, you want to even reach through your words and the good night messages you have for her. And for that, you have these phrases that we share with you so that even in the distance you love your partner.

Free Good Night Video Messages


Love, I would like so much to spend the night with you and that our dreams become one. You are everything to me and my greatest wish is that the day will come when we can wake up next to each other. I hope you sleep well and may the Lord take care of your dreams. I love you.

My life, I hope that, wherever you are, you are well and you can sleep peacefully. I miss you so much here by my side. I ask God to give you strength so that you can continue fighting for your dreams. Come back soon. Good evening, queen. I love you with my soul.

Heaven, thanks for being a splendid boyfriend and for making my days beautiful. I would like so much that our nights are as wonderful as our days, but unfortunately we have to separate at nightfall. Dream with us, my love. I will love you all my life and more.

Baby, the nights without you have become so dark, lonely, sad and cold that I cannot stand this torment anymore. I’m so anxious that you come back as soon as possible. I hope everything is going very well and that you have more fun. Have a nice night and may the angels take care of your dreams. I love you so much my love.

How I wish you were here by my side sleeping and being able to take care of your dreams. You are my deepest desire and I want it to come true. I want to hold you in my arms and be able to say good night to you with a huge kiss. I love you and I love you with all my strength.

Good night my Love. Today was a wonderful day, I had a lot of fun by your side and everything was really nice. The problem is that I miss you already. I would like so much that you are lying here beside me and falling asleep giving us many kisses. I love you.

Love, today I had a great day with you. Everything was very beautiful and I felt really happy. The bad thing was when we had to say goodbye; I did not want to leave. I saw you a few hours ago and I miss you too much already. I wish you to sleep well and dream about us. You are an incredible man and I love being your girlfriend. Thanks for making me so happy. I love you.

Love, without you everything is horrible. I miss you too, little one. I want God to bless our love and let things always go well for us. Thank you for being that special person that brings joy to my days. Good evening, my pretty. Rest and dream about the little angels. Soon we will be able to be together again and continue loving each other as always. Thousands of kisses, life.

Free Good Night Video Messages



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