Funny Good Night messages

I asked you if you liked me, you said no. I asked you if I was pretty, you said no. I asked you if I was in your heart, you answered no. I asked you if you were going to cry if I went away, you said no. So I started walking, you grabbed my hand and you told me. I do not like you, but I love you. You are not beautiful, you are beautiful. You are not in my heart, you are my heart. And I’m not going to cry if you leave, but I’m going to die. My little mermaid’s good night messages of tenderness, thinking of you, may your night be calm and sweet. Sleep well.

Funny Good Night Messages

I think you think I’m thinking of you, this thought makes me think you’re thinking of me, so I think of you thinking. That you think of me as my treasure. At this moment I would like to be a wave of sweetness and warmth to accompany you all the night of tenderness that has just begun. Sweet dreams.

Joy is you, love is you, life is you, and you are everything. So how can I live without anything? I miss you so much!

The flowers of the night of tenderness, the stars of midnight, the angels of paradise are all gathered ready for your bed to tell you “Good Night”

I miss you too much, I cannot breathe, and you are my oxygen, come back soon my love!

No longer to be with you at this hour, to hear your heart beat faster, to feel your smell no more, is for me the most terrible pain. Good night.

A request: take care of yourself. A wish: do not forget me. A lie: I do not think of you. A truth: I miss you. A reality: I adore you

Close the eyelids of your beautiful eyes and in the darkness of your room, may my love be like a lighthouse that leads you to the wonderful land of dreams. Goodnight My Love

The little gem of my life, sweet angel of my paradise, shining star of my nights, to you only I say good night.

Want a night of tenderness with funny text messages to wish a good night to a person we love If only you could go in my heart you would see that you are the queen of its places! I

Bathe in love! A love that will always be devoted to you and that will never disappear. I miss you, my love

To be no longer with you at this time, to hear no more beat your heart, no longer to feel your smell, is for me the most terrible pain. Good night.

I wish you a night with angels around you, where calm is king, and tranquility is law, with dreams full of joy, and May God take care of you. Good night

Before going to bed, look out the window. The stars you will see in the sky are the thousands of kisses I send you. Good night…

Close your eyelids and in the darkness of the night of tenderness my voice is a path that leads you to a sweet dream, good night

I send you a sheet of happiness, a blanket of sweetness and a pillow of love I hope that with all that you will sleep, good night of tenderness!

I’m going to bed. I warn you so that you do not delay in bed. You are not by my side, but join me in my dreams and take me in your arms.

You are lying far away from me. Look at the sky, you see the star shining very hard, it’s the kiss that I send you to wish you a very good night.

When I go to bed without you, I hurry to sleep, because I’m going to dream of your kisses and go wake up amazed.

Good evening, may the sky full of stars embrace your night with a golden light, the rhythm of the wind will refreeze your vigil when you sleep, the moon will watch over you and me so I wish you the most beautiful of nights?

I wanted to end the day by wishing a night of tenderness to a pretty girl: Good night! Do not forget to have sweet dreams!

The angel of the evening passes and brings you 1000 kisses and caresses to tell you good night.

When night closes the parenthesis of the day, and the moon laughs with all its starry teeth, I take this opportunity to wish you an excellent night.

This night a feast of the tribute of beautiful dreams will visit you from me, I gave him for you tons of affection and a big kiss. Good night!

Funny Good Night Messages

Funny Good Night Messages

Funny Good Night Messages

Funny Good Night Messages

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