Good Night Baby I Love You Messages

Today I bring you the best phrases for a good night for your love because your girlfriend or your boyfriend deserves to go to bed with a nice smile and have sweet dreams. You can send these romantic good night messages by WhatsApp or whisper them to your ear.

Good Night Baby I Love You Messages

I see the moon in its entire splendor and I find it funny that I try to be as pretty as you are. Poor girl! Goodnight Sweetheart.

The best way to dream peacefully is to fall asleep thinking about you. I love you, my love. Goodnight love.

During the day, I love you. In the afternoon, I wish you. At night, I dream you. Rest, my love. See you tomorrow.

Do not fall asleep without remembering my hugs so you will be safe in your dreams because I will protect you … Good evening, love.

I go to bed and I will not see you until tomorrow, but in reality, I am very tranquil, because I will have you in my dreams.

I only have one purpose with this message that you smile before falling asleep deeply. Good night beautiful.

Good night, dear. Take a kiss so you rest placidly. I’m just going to make a wish: that you dream with me, just as I do with you every day.

Go to sleep, my girl. Recharge the batteries because tomorrow will be the happiest day of your life. I love you with all my heart.

Each star is a guardian angel that takes care of you so that you recover your energies and enjoy your dreams. Do not fear, because I will take care of you until the end of my days.

I hope you have sweet dreams, my love. I send you a very special kiss for someone as special as you. Good night beautiful.

When the dream invades my being and I start yawning, I get scared because I want to keep thinking about you. However, then it happens to me, because you always accompany me in my mind, even when I sleep. Have a good night, my love.

Come, love, go to sleep! That tomorrow there will be no one to lift you up! Then do not tell me that I did not get violently affectionate I love you!

We all know what there is Both you and I want Here and now. The two of you together, in bed … Do we do it? Yes? Well, to sleep, it’s been said! Good night, rest.

Look up and put your eyes on the moon next to me, because then our souls will merge into one. Good evening, I’m still as much in love with you as the first day.

I want to caress the soft skin of your back, massage you little by little and kiss your whole body while I whisper in your ear how much I am in love with you. It is a pity that the distance does not allow us to enjoy these moments, but there is less left. Good night my love.

I want you to rest tonight so that tomorrow you can continue fulfilling your dreams with me. Together we form a great team. I love you, my love.

There is nothing that I care more than you in this life. You mean everything to me, that’s why I know I’ll fall asleep thinking about you, you’ll be the protagonist of my dreams once again. Good evening, love of my soul.

I hope this message serves as a good night whisper. The distance is killing me, I wish you were here.

My love, do not go to bed without opening the window first. I just sent you a kiss and I do not think it takes too long to get there. Goodnight my Love.

Rest, beloved of my heart. Think of all those great moments that we have enjoyed, they will soon repeat themselves. Good night my love!

You are a very special person in my life. You are my soul mate. Today, the angels will protect you so that you rest and have sweet dreams. Have a happy night, love.

I spent all afternoon looking for the best words to dedicate to you tonight, but Google has dictated me to pay attention to my heart. And you know what? In my heart, you only appear, my love.

Both the stars and I are going to protect you tonight so you can dream about the little angels. I hope you think of me when you sleep, I’ll do it with you. Good night sweetie, rest.

You are that someone so special that I get a smile just looking at me, who understands my sorrows, who falls in love with a caress and who I will always have on a pedestal for how you behave with me. Good night my love.

I do not care about sleeping because I’m going to dream about you, and I do not care about waking up because you’ll be the first to appear in my mind. Goodnight my Love.

Good Night Baby I Love You Messages

Good Night Baby I Love You Messages

Good Night Baby I Love You Messages

Good Night Baby I Love You Messages

Good Night Baby I Love You Messages

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