Good Night Messages and Images

Send original love phrases of a good night. Soon the sky will darken and the night will fall on us. The night landscape adorned by the moon and the stars is the perfect atmosphere for couples in love. It seems that the night is in charge of giving more romanticism to couples and they wake up their deepest feelings.

Do you want to conquer someone? Well, choose the night to do it. You can go to visit that special person; you can invite her to the cinema or simply to hold hands and walk through a park or you can opt for an easier and more effective option.

Send her a goodnight message. In this article, we present a list of sweet phrases to fall in love with good night. With these SMS he or she will dream that together they are very happy.

Good Night Messages and Images

Every night I do nothing but think about you, before going to sleep I look at the sky and I ask the moon to take care of your sweet dreams.

You are the most beautiful flower in the garden, you are the princess of my heart, it is time that you close your pretty eyes so that you rest and tomorrow you wake up smiling with happiness.

I tell you good night and rest well, that the little angels take care of your dreams and allow me to be in it together to go to a paradise created by your imagination.

Tonight is as beautiful and beautiful as you, sometimes I cannot even sleep from thinking so much about you, and your love is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.

You are the only one capable of giving calm and tranquility to my heart, give me a kiss and I promise you that I will dream with you.

Give me a kiss on the lips to taste your mouth and sleep like a little angel all night, I love you my life.

I’m in love because every night I think of you it’s hard for me to sleep, tell me you love me and I can close my eyes once and for all.

The sun reminds me of your beautiful face and your sweet smile and the moon and the stars the beauty that is inside you, I love you.

Good evening, sweetheart, receive this greeting of good night with much love, keep it in your heart and you will sleep like a princess tonight.

I want you to dream tonight that I have wings to leave my room and go flying to yours to contemplate the beauty of your being when you are sleeping.

Let me go to your window tonight to see how an angel sleeps, sorry if I bother you but I cannot stop thinking about you.

Every night that I dream of you the next day, good things happen to me, I do not have the slightest doubt that you are the only one that can make me happy.

Have a good night, my beloved, I love you and I have you with me even in my dreams.

We hope that these sweet phrases to fall in love with good night will help your partner go to sleep thinking about you and dream that they are happy.

Loving and being loved is the most beautiful that can happen to us. We spend all our time thinking about that person, especially when the night comes and we go to bed.

Say good night to your partner through a nice message is a gesture of love that will be well received. By sending you some beautiful words, your lover can rest well and it is even possible that he dreams about you.

If you dedicate a detail to him, he will feel so much emotion that he will respond in a very affectionate way and will thank you.

Soon we present a list of messages to wish sweet dreams to my love. Choose the phrase that you like the most and make your loved one sleep happily.

Sleep like a baby my love. Do not forget that I love you very much and I only spend thinking about you, especially during the night because I remember our first kiss in the light of the moon. Rest easy.

Every night I look at the firmament and I think that our love is this infinite. May you have sweet dreams my sleeping beauty? I hope to dream about you tonight

On this day our great love was strengthened, I felt very happy when you told me that you do not imagine the rest of your life if it is not by my side. I’m going to dream about you because you made me feel very happy. May you have sweet dreams, my beloved.

Good Night Messages and Images

Good Night Messages and Images

Good Night Messages and Images

Good Night Messages and Images

Good Night Messages and Images

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