Good Night Messages to a Friend I Have Not Met

Surely after starting a new day, with much optimism, you greet with great affection all the good friends that you will find throughout the morning, but when you go to sleep you do not have the opportunity to say goodbye to them personally.

It would be great if you shared a goodnight message with your friends before going to bed, as a way to show your sympathy and gratitude for all the moments you have shared together.

In this opportunity we want to share with you some nice phrases of the good night that will be perfect for you to share with your friends, so use them with total freedom.

Good Night Messages to a Friend I Have Not Met

My dear friend, I do not want to sound like your parents, but we all need to rest and get enough sleep, so do not stay late in social networks. Tomorrow you will thank me because you will feel much more encouragement and energy.

My beautiful friend, thank you for having been by my side because I really do not know what I would have done without you. I wish you have beautiful dreams and that the little angels accompany you all night to take care of you. What do you have for nights?

Good evening, my dear friend! I want to thank you for helping me on this day and I also want to wish you a good rest, so forget about your worries and enjoy wonderful dreams.

My friend, I can go to sleep peacefully because I know that I always count on your friendship in good times and bad. I wish you good night.

This is a cold and rainy night, the perfect scenario to stay between the blankets all night and sleep comfortably. Tomorrow will be a great day, so I hope you have a good rest.

At last, the night has come and as you had an excellent day, you will surely enjoy a well-deserved rest. My dear friend, do not forget to thank God before going to sleep and I hope you enjoy the very good night.

It does not matter if you did not have a good day or if things did not turn out as you had planned because tomorrow you have another great day to enjoy. I wish you a good night.

Do not torture yourself if things did not go the way you planned on this day because life will give you a new opportunity to try it. Now it’s time to rest and replenish your energies. Sleep well.

You are a very beautiful woman and to preserve that great beauty it is important that you can sleep as necessary. My friend, I hope you dream of the little angels and that you enjoy a pleasant rest.

There is nothing like lying down to sleep after having worked with all our strength, so, my dear friends, I hope you have a good night and tomorrow get up with much encouragement.

Good Night Messages to a Friend I Have Not Met

Good Night Messages to a Friend I Have Not Met

Good Night Messages to a Friend I Have Not Met

Good Night Messages to a Friend I Have Not Met

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