Good night quotes for my girlfriend

Love is not something that comes one day and lasts a lifetime. That is a mistake that many people make and that is why there are so many couples that break up. Love arises, that’s true, but then you have to take care of it day by day as if it were a delicate plant. For love to last you have to have certain good night messages with the couple, which have as an end that she or he sees that we still love him. We do not want our partner to have any doubts about our love for her. Therefore, we have to say good night phrases to make you fall in love to, with which we will make it clear that we are in love as the first day.

Good night quotes for my girlfriend

That you rest, that tomorrow I love you with lots of energy and very sweet. If not, do not dream about me … haha Kisses.

Let’s see if you’re going to sleep now..! I do not like girls with sleep disorders unless I provoke them … haha, go away or I’ll be violently tender with you!. See you tomorrow.

HELLO, I am sent by someone who loves you. I am a little messenger who has a special mission to provoke in you a great smile and wish you a nice day.

I do not say good night, I better tell you: See you in my dreams.

The best way to sleep is thinking of you. I wish you happy dreams!

Good evening, my beautiful. Rest and dream about your little prince, that’s me. I love you.

The best messages to say goodnight to your partner.

Good evening, my treasure, when you sleep you are never alone because I am always with you, I love you my life! “.

Tonight, I will continue to love you in my dreams. Goodnight My Love!

With this message of a good night, I want to tell you that when the night comes, the stars are lit and I feel you next to me.

Good evening, my love … tonight, like every night, before I fall asleep I will think of you, how beautiful you are and how much I love you … tonight we will be together in our dreams

I send you a huge kiss with all my love so that tonight is special, thank you for giving me many joys today but it’s already late and it’s time you start sleeping, until tomorrow my beautiful princess

I love you so much that I can even dream about you every night. You are my dream come true, never forget it

Rest and have a good night treasure of mine, and remember when you sleep you’re never alone because I’m always by your side, I love my life !.

Before sleeping open the window, I sent you a kiss and hug with the wind grab it is for you, sweet dream dear mine.

Tonight, like every night, in my heart you will only be you. Good evening and sweet princess dreams!

Before going to sleep, I want to say goodbye to you and wish you sweet dreams. I hope to dream about you and that you dream of me.

I think of you day and night, so much so, that I find it hard to sleep because I remember your face, your kisses, your caresses and everything you make me feel every day. Definitely, you have bewitched me, my love, for I fell madly in love with you. I count the hours, minutes and seconds for dawn and see you again. I love you my heaven. Have sweet dreams.

Good night quotes for my girlfriend

Good night quotes for my girlfriend

Good night quotes for my girlfriend

Good night quotes for my girlfriend

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