Good night SMS messages

Do you want to say goodbye to the next day of the person you love with a love phrase? Below you will see a list of good night messages to tell your partner until tomorrow, my love, I love you very much.

Send them before your partner falls asleep to dream about you tonight. Check the phrases we have created for you. Take the ones you want and send them with confidence.

Good night SMS messages

Good evening, my angel. The night will cover you with its mantle of stars so that you rest in the confines of your great imagination. I love you very much, my princess.

Have a good night, my life, dream tonight with a great adventure, that tomorrow your prince will go to see your castle enchanted. Sleep well.

May the light of the moon and the stars illuminate all your dreams. Good evening, my darling, we’ll see each other at dawn.

Today the night looks more beautiful and the stars brighter, it must be because I compare them with you and try to do their best not to be overshadowed by your sweetness and beauty. Good night, my life.

Good night my Love. We are two in this world that only hopes that it will be possible to understand this love without barriers. Thanks for being with me. Sweet Dreams.

Good night, love of my life. Dream with the little angels, that I will be among them, approaching you to kiss you while you sleep.

Good night beautiful. Sweet dreams tonight with clear stars. I will be thinking of your sweet look, your tender smile, your whole being. I love you.

Thank you for being that angel that illuminates my days. Now that it is night, I still long for your presence with me. Good evening, my dear love. Goodnight.

You have the most beautiful dreams you have ever had, because now you are with me, you are my light, you are my truth. I love you with all the soul.

My love, so the distance shorten the closeness to your kisses and the night whispers me that of your love I am imprisoned of freedom, I want you to close your eyes and you sit next to you, sheltering each space of your body with a tender hug. Cover my life, I would not like to see you down due to some discomfort, are you okay ?, Because you really feel the cold more and more, take care of my heaven, that you dream of the little angels. Good night Sweetheart.

The constellation looks like your heart in the immense and pulsing of its white light, because every star in the sky today will shelter your dreams so you can rest, queen of my kingdom. I hope that my guardian angel will protect you forever, my sweetheart, because when the sun shines, it is I who watch over your care at every moment because I love you immensely. Rest my love; I love you more than logic can understand.

Night falls and in it my desire to express everything I feel, everything you have caused in my heart and sometimes I think that saying” I love you “is not enough. I am happy to have a woman like you with me. Feel safe, that you cannot doubt that I am a loyal man and that I would accompany you to the infinite if possible, because you are and will be the love of my life. Good evening my love, you sleep perfect, I love you too much.

It drives me crazy to feel your warmth very close to me, but it hurts me when the night comes because unfortunately you have to go to your home and I to mine, what a pain. Actually, I want to tell you that without you my days do not make sense and that even though we are not together right now, sit me down and give you all my love, dedicating a story to you to sleep like a baby, my precious treasure. Rest more than good so that tomorrow you have a perfect day and full of enthusiasm. I love you.

Good evening and sweet dreams, love of my life. Let the little angels watch over you now, that I will take care of you during the day. I love you with all my heart.

There is a very special person in this world; he is the cutest and nicest boyfriend in the world, the one who makes my days happier with just smiling, the one to whom tonight I want to wish him the sweetest and most placid dreams so that he can rest very well. You, my love, are that little person so special in my life. I love you and never forget it.

Good night SMS messages

Good night SMS messages

Good night SMS messages

Good night SMS messages

Good night SMS messages

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