Good Night Take Care Messages

Finish your day by sending an SMSĀ  to wish good night messages to that special person in your area. Be the last person who wishes your lover a sweet night let him know that even if you are far from each other this cannot stop you from thinking about him/her. Check out our list of love words to wish good night and send the text that best describes your feelings and draw a big smile on his lips just before going to bed.

Good Night Take Care Messages

You sleep ?

I could not do it until

I had wished you a good night and sent lots of kisses.

I wish you a night with angels around you

where calm is king

and tranquility is law

with dreams full of joy

and god take care of you.

Good night

May your night be sweet

May your dreams be tender

Let your bed be comfortable

Good night!

I’m sending you a kiss of love

that is light as a feather

will come to rest on your pillow

to join you in your dreams

goodnight my heart.

I can lose everything I have

but I do not want to ever lose someone like you

in my life you are the reason why I laugh

I smile and I cry you are my heart I love you very much.

I want to shake you caress you like you

feel your vibrations that only ask me

I would like to sleep with you every night my tender love

The night you are in my dreams

the day you haunt my thoughts

but the only place where I do not see you is in my arms.

You fall asleep away from me.

Look in the sky you see the star shining very hard: it

is the kiss that I send you to wish you a very good night.

I offer you a candle to light up your night a feather

to fill your room of magic a sweet melody

to wish you a very good night.

Sweet Dreams.

You are the only one to have touched my heart.

He will always belong to you.

Sleep well, my only love. I love you

The weather announces for this night a loud roar of love,

a heart-shaped lightning and fine rains

that will fall on your lips as a sign of our love.

With a rose in my hand and a smile on

my face, I ring the piano of my heart with a beautiful melody

with the scent of a flower to tell you good night my heart.

Under this starry sky in this beautiful night

I send you this message of tenderness to wish you

a wonderful night with beautiful dreams.

Good night my love,

your sweet voice and your beautiful face miss me,

no longer be with you at this time,

no longer hear your heart beat, no longer feel your smell,

is for me a great pain, sleep my angel well .

We announce for this night, a tornado of big hug

that will fall on your room and will be accompanied by a shower of big kiss,

do not shelter you especially. Goodnight My Love.

I miss you,

you are my drug.

The night will be long without you by my side.

I would like you to be by my side right now,

in my bed with me. Unfortunately you are far,

but that does not prevent me from wishing you a good night

If I were a bird I would fly over

all the villages to see your face,

if I were a cloud I would fly over to your window to say good night!

My little star shining on the sky that gives me

hope to believe that one day you see

and I take you in my arms … Good night my star of love.

I love you

Good Night Take Care Messages

Good Night Take Care Messages

Good Night Take Care Messages

Good Night Take Care Messages

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