Updated Happy Friday Quotes 2017

Happy Friday Quotes

First of all wishing you very happy Friday with happy Friday quotes. When it starts on Friday we are already playing the weekend with your fingers, you get up with another energy, with another mood, Friday are great !!


To spread our good humor to others we have created some quotes to wish a good Friday , which you can use when you want to brighten the day for your acquaintances.

Happy Friday Quotes

Happy Friday Quotes


  • SMILE because we are already FRIDAY, and you have a beautiful day before you to enjoy the MAXIMUM of LIFE. GOOD FRIDAY AND BEST WEEKEND.
  • Happy FRIDAY FRIENDS! I send you a BIG HUG, and my best WISHES for today FRIDAY and for all the WEEKEND.
  • Today is FRIDAY, if you send this message to 9 people in 7 days it will be again FRIDAY. IT WORKS!!. If you do not send it in 3 days it will be MONDAY.


Quotes to wish for a good Friday


  • Finally it’s Friday!! Thank you LORD for creating FRIDAY, and for giving us HEALTH to ENJOY IT. I wish you an EXCELLENT FRIENDS FRIENDS.
  • FRIDAY dear, how long I have waited for you … and you have finally arrived. I wish you all a GREAT FRIDAY.
  • It is morning, we are all HEALTHY. BLESSED, LORD, THANK YOU for your infinite love. HAPPY AND BLESSED FRIDAY.
  • FRIDAY is already here, with V to LIVE LIFE. I wish you a BEAUTIFUL FRIDAY and a GREAT WEEKEND.


Positive quotes for Friday


  • The important thing is not what WE HAVE, but WHO WE HAVE in our LIFE. Happy FRIDAY and BLESSED WEEKEND.
  • May JOY and HAPPINESS be ALWAYS present in your LIFE. HAPPY FRIDAY.
  • Happy FRIENDS FRIDAY. When you feel SOLEDAD, you will always find my FRIENDSHIP.


Funny Friday Quotes


  • It’s Friday!!. JOY runs through my body and SMILES sprout in my face. HAPPY AND BLESSED FRIDAY !!
  • I FRIDAY, I accept you WEEKEND as my legitimate WIFE, and I promise to love and RESPECT you, until MONDAY us part. HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS!!
  • It is OFFICIAL, arrived on FRIDAY. I hope you have a day full of CUTE MOMENTS, that make them SMILE and be very HAPPY.
  • From Monday that I missed you dearest FRIDAY !! … and finally you have arrived. ENJOY TOD @ s of a GREAT FRIDAY !


Beautiful happy Friday quotes


  • I wish you a HAPPY FRIDAY. Have a full day of JOY and a WEEKEND full of HAPPINESS.
  • HAPPY FRIDAY. May this beautiful day come loaded with many BLESSINGS for you.
  • Very GOOD DAYS and HAPPY FRIDAY. Do not let ANYTHING or ANYONE spoil this BEAUTIFUL DAY. Smile and be happy.
  • I wish you have a good FRIDAY, and enjoy the weekend with a lot of HEALTH and JOY.
  • It cost work but in the end it is FRIDAY !!. I wish you all enjoy a BEAUTIFUL FRIDAY and a GOOD WEEKEND.



As always, we hope you like the quotes and are useful to you.

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