25 Happy Monday Quotes 2017

Happy Monday Quotes

This is the beautiful and happy Monday morning and we have lot to do, wait read these happy Monday quotes and share these with your love ones.

  • New week, new opportunities, new blessings … ENJOY THEM. HAPPY MONDAY FRIENDS.
  • I wish you all a BEAUTIFUL MONDAY and a BLESSED NEW WEEK.
  • May the Lord grant you all your DESIRES. God bless you. HAPPY MONDAY!!
  • Good day friends. Let’s start MONDAY and the WEEK with a SMILE, because if you SMILE to LIFE, LIFE will SMILE to YOU.

Happy Monday Quotes

Quotes to wish a Good Monday


  • Have a BEAUTIFUL MONDAY! Let’s start the WEEK with JOY. The LIFE is ONE and you have to TASTE it every day with OPTIMISM and WIN OF LIVING.
  • SMILE !! No one else is going to do IT. Have a BEAUTIFUL MONDAY.
  • MONDAY do not look SO BAD if you face them with a GOOD ATTITUDE. Enjoy a BEAUTIFUL MONDAY.
  • MONDAYS are the first opportunity of the week to be HAPPY, so you already know: a SMILE and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL MONDAYS.


Monday Morning Quotes


  • May the LORD fill your LIFE with LIGHT, and have PEACE still in the STORM. HAPPY MONDAY.
  • Happy MONDAY !! Have a great start to the week. Long ago I decided that even MONDAYS were going to erase the SMILE from my face.
  • Look at the POSITIVE side … It is only MONDAY once a week;) Enjoy a BEAUTIFUL DAY.
  • VERY GOOD DAY. HAPPY MONDAY. Today is the IDEAL DAY to give the FIRST STEP to fulfill that DREAM that you so long for.
  • HAPPY MONDAY. With a GOOD ATTITUDE and with GOD’S HELP this is going to be a GREAT WEEK for you.
  • Happy MONDAY dear friend, GOD CARES YOU, ACCOMPANIES YOU and HELPS YOU in everything.
  • If you like with your LIFE and you feel HAPPY. Neither MONDAY can erase the SMILE from your face. I wish you a BEAUTIFUL MONDAY.


Nice Quotes for a Monday


  • Have them all have a great MONDAY !! I encourage the week to fly by. Enjoy it to the fullest and be HAPPY.
  • Happy MONDAY! Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY and a WEEK full of beautiful moments.
  • While you slept GOD prepared this beautiful day MONDAY for YOU. ENJOY IT and be very HAPPY.
  • For today MONDAY had nothing to wear, and I got a GREAT SMILE. I wish you a Happy MONDAY and a GREAT WEEK.


I hope you like the beautiful and positive quotes for a happy Monday and you are useful.


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