Miss you Good Night Messages

There is nothing more pleasant than going to rest with a beautiful good night message from the person we love. Feeling that we are present at all times, that we want sweet dreams and more is something very flattering for one.

In the case you are in love and want to wish her a beautiful night in a different way; lines below you will find some examples of sweet phrases to my boyfriend of goodnight free, which you can share from this moment through a text message or make use of social networks like post it on your Facebook wall, change your WhatsApp status, etc.

We are sure that by reading them you will be comfortable with all of them. Do not wait any longer and give your partner another reason to be happy.

Miss you Good Night Messages

My love before going to rest, I raised my eyes to heaven and asked the stars to take care of your dream and give you a wonderful night. I wish with all my heart that you will be able to rest so that tomorrow you will recover. I adore you.

What I like most about the night is that I hug my pillow and I imagine that you are the one next to me. Sometimes I would like to have wings to fly next to you and shelter in my arms. I love you very much, sweetheart. Have sweet dreams.

You do not know how much would fall asleep in your arms and wake up with you. You are the ideal man to share my life. I hope the hours fly to be back by your side. With all my love I wish you beautiful dreams and that tomorrow you have a wonderful day my king.

When I go to rest at night I close my eyes and I start dreaming of a life with you, who I’m sure would be full of pleasant moments, joys, surprises and more. You are a very special man in my life whom I will love until the end of my life. May you rest my love?

I never thought cute little darling who would love you as I love you. You are a man who little by little was stealing my little heart and now it is only yours. If time receded, I would ask the Lord to meet you again. Thank you for being part of me. See you tomorrow.

In my heart live all the pleasant moments that we share my love, inexplicable sensations that I had never felt joys, smiles and more. You are the owner of my feelings among other things. I want you to know that my love for you has no limits. With all my love I wish you sweet dreams.

Have sweet dreams my cute little treasure. Tomorrow at the beginning of the day I will go to look for you and enjoy a beautiful day. You are my reason to live and by your side, I will always want to be. I adore you as you cannot imagine.

I am sure that today you will have beautiful dreams because you will dream of me. Imagine that we live in a castle full of flowers, little ones running through the garden and more. Our love is so great that it will keep us together forever. Sleep well.

May you sleep very well my sweetheart, May the Virgin fill you with blessings and may the stars watch over your dream. Tomorrow will be a new day and I will be by your side to give you the best moments of your life. I adore you.

I write only a few lines to send you a little kiss and a big hug before going to rest. Close your eyes and hold your pillow tightly as if I were there. Sweet dreams of my love.

Miss you Good Night Messages

Miss you Good Night Message

Miss you Good Night Message

Miss you Good Night Messages

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