List of 10 Best Happy Monday Text Messages

Monday Messages

Monday is too hard. So, to give courage to those around you, here are 10 funny happy Monday texts messages to attach to your e-card !! Because it’s important to take life on the right side and share your good mood: o)

Happy Monday Text Messages

1. Smile of the day

A tooth to chew life, a tooth against the boss, a tooth to chew life, a dent against the boss … Well what … I make you a beautiful smile, you’re not happy? Pass a good Monday and above all, keep smiling!

2. Relativiser!

All that begins … ends one day. That’s good ! It means that soon, the week will be over to make room for the WEEK END! Ouuuuf … Good luck!

3. Who is there?

Toc toc toc … Hey oh, I know you see me! Do not pretend I was not there. It’s me, Monday! I know that I do not always have the beautiful role. But I’m going to introduce you guys who will please you. First, Mr. Coffee, then, Mr. Ptit Dej, they are greedy and they will give you fishing, you’ll see. Well, here is also Madame Onsedp√™che (she is a little stressful that one.) Especially, ignore Miss Reunion and Mr. Boss, they are boring and there is my group of friends: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and my best friend, Come on, come with me, we’re going to have a crazy week together!

4. 3 beautiful sentences

“Do not wait to be happy to smile, smile rather to be happy”.
“Live every day as if he were the last (even on Mondays)”.
“There is something beautiful in every day, it’s up to you to find it”.
Here are 3 good thoughts to start the week off right!
I hope this will help you … Courage!

5. Take life on the right side

And if today, Monday was a zen day, a serene day, a day where all the benefits of the weekend (relaxation, fun, calm, love, friendship) spread slowly to accompany each moment of a hint of gaiety. Today, sir good mood, it’s you! Good Monday: o)

6. Horror!

I’ll tell you a mini horror story. Are you ready) ? Here it is:
But in the end … do not worry, there is the hero, Friday, who rapplique !!!
Good week; o)

7. Mathematics

At work, every week, I give 100% of myself:
= TOTAL: 100%
Ah ah! Good Monday !

8. Bad news

Well, I have three bad news:
– today is not Friday,
– tomorrow is not Friday,
– even after tomorrow is not Friday!
But the good news is that I wish a great week, to compensate!
Good Monday to you: o)

9. I’m out of work

On Monday I work. Every day is enough for her laziness, do not you agree?
So, good day!

10. Small service

Hi friend, tell me, could you do me a favor? Could you ask Monday to send an SMS to Tuesday so that he makes a call to Wednesday to write an email to Thursday to ask Friday to come back very quickly?
Thank you in advance ! And good week in passing: o)

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