Pleasant Good Night Messages

Arrival night, the only thing we want is to sleep and rest from all the stress of the day. But before that, we can not forget to say goodbye to our love.

Maybe he’s hundreds of miles away, about to sleep too and thinking of one, waiting for that good-night message to make him thrill or smile.

Pleasant Good Night Messages

We leave you these romantic greetings of the good night that we hope you share with that person that makes you sigh. Say goodbye to him or her in the best way and send her a nice message of the good night.

Good evening to the girl whose smile illuminates my life in the same way that the stars illuminate the sky. Rest well, my heart, I will close my eyes while I think of you and I will sleep happy knowing that tomorrow I will see you.

Good evening, beautiful girl, I hope the problems of the day do not prevent you from sleeping well. Today as every day, it was a joy to have seen you and I will sleep happily knowing that tomorrow will be a new day to enjoy our love.

The night comes and although I do not like to separate from you, I let you go so that you rest well. I hope that someday we can sleep together, sleep in each other’s arms and feel that the world disappears when we are together. Goodnight my Love.

Good evening, my heart. Before you close those beautiful eyes, read these lines that want to remind you of my love for you. Sleep well, my life that the angels take care of you for me while you rest. I love you.

Good evening, love of my life, I hope you’re all ready in your bed, ready to sleep. I’ll miss you until tomorrow, I hope you sleep well and the night is short to see you again.

Good night honey. I would like to be the sheet that holds your little body, the pillow on which you rest your head and on which you capture your deepest dreams. Rest well, my life, that tomorrow you wake up with the same beautiful smile.

Love, you must already be about to close your pretty eyes. Before you enter the world of dreams, I want to remind you that I love you and that before I sleep, I always think of you. Goodnight my Love.

My eyes are about to close and I’m sure yours too, but before that I want to remind you that I adore you and that my only big dream is that one day we can say” good night “by looking at each other in the eyes, holding each other, making the night be witness of our great love.

I hope that you dream of angels as beautiful as you, that you wake up happy and that you remember that I will be waiting for you as always. I love you, my heart, good night; I’ll sleep thinking about you.

I’m thinking of you, like every night before I sleep. I remember your words and your smile, all the moments of the day lived by your side and I sleep happy. Thank you for making my days the best, rest well, good night.

I can finish the day well and sleep well because you have been in my day. Good evening, pretty girl. I hope you have beautiful dreams and that tomorrow you wake up well, I want to see you again, I want to have you in my arms again.

Good evening for the most beautiful girl in my life, sweet dreams for you, that you are the mistress of my heart. Let the hours pass quickly, dawn to see you, my pretty girl. I love you.

I’m already in bed, love, I’m about to sleep and as always, I’m thinking of you. Good evening, the dream of us, dream that we are together and that tonight is ours. I love you.

Good night beautiful. Close your eyes now, dream nice things or think of us, I will be thinking of you, remembering how happy you are making me, that I am lucky to have you by my side. I love you.

I would like to be with you at this moment, love, tuck you and cuddle by your side, kiss you and share your dreams. I hope you have a good night, that you have a peaceful sleep and that you remember that I love you.

Pleasant Good Night Messages

Pleasant Good Night Messages

Pleasant Good Night Messages

Pleasant Good Night Messages

Pleasant Good Night Messages

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