Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

When the night comes one just wants to go to rest and restore energy with beautiful dreams repairers so that the next day start again the job or student with energy, but never forgetting or leaving aside those that we have a beautiful girl to our side and then devote a beautiful love SMS to him so that he knows that we think and we give ourselves a little time for them. That is why if you are looking for romantic good night messages to say goodnight to your girl (princess). Surely you have come to the right place because having our partner happy is good for the relationship, it is good for you and it is good for both, it does not hurt, it would make you boast with beautiful romantic details

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

There is not a night so long that it prevents the sun from giving you a new dawn by my side. Good night princess

I spent a great day with you my love, I cannot ask for more and I hope that when you close your eyes remember that I love you nothing more. Thank you for making me the happiest kid on this earth.

Rest well; I’ll be waiting for your smile in the morning! Sweet dreams!

How beautiful it is to dream! When you know that when you wake up next to you, you come back to start. Good evening with love for my princess

Sweet dreams, the little princess that dreams of the little angels and with me to the side 😉

When you miss someone is a good sign when you dream of someone is better. Yesterday I dreamed again of you princess

Maybe you’re already sleeping but when you wake up I’d like you to see this, this good night message so you know that I always think of you, from when I wake up until I go to sleep. Rest well princess

Good evening, princess, the dream of our love. Although today I could not see you tomorrow I will do everything possible to be with you

If the thought could overcome the distance, it would be next to you giving you a beautiful hug and a sweet kissed of the good night. May you rest my princess?

What I love the most about sleeping next to you knows that I will wake up with you. I love you, my little princess. Goodnight

Your smile, your look, your kisses, your eyes, your body is the only money that serves to buy my heart, good night princess

The moon is angry and the stars are jealous because every night you are the most beautiful, good night princess!

May the stars watch your dreams so that nothing disturbs you? Happy rest! Until tomorrow princess

Princess, I just want to wish you good night. Remember that I am always thinking of you

I like to look at the stars because I know that your eyes caressing them are as you do with me when I fall asleep I begin to dream. Good night my princess!

Princess, I just wanted to wish you good night. I hope you dream of me tonight, as I dream of you every night. See you tomorrow

As if it were the best dream, tonight you will rest in my arms. Happy rest

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

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