Romantic good night messages

If your Lover works or studies, or does both, it will definitely end the day quite tired. You will be able to do many things to relax at the end of the day before you sleep, but nothing will make you happier than a message sent to you, wishing you with good night messages.

Your words of love and good wishes will give you peace and make you sleep with a smile and with your thoughts fixed on you, so encourage yourself to dedicate the excellent sentences that we have for you. We hope you like them.

Romantic good night messages

I know you’ve had a long day and that you crave to find your pillow and rest peacefully. I hope you do it soon because nothing will make me happier than knowing that you are already dreaming of the little angels, or with me. My love, I feel very happy and proud to have a hard-working boyfriend like you. I hope you sleep well.

I would have loved to see you today, sweetheart, but I know that today you have to work and also study, so it would have been very selfish for me to ask you to meet, although I know you would have done it because you are the most thoughtful and attentive boyfriend of all. But no, I want you to rest. May God and the little angels take care of your dreams.

Until tomorrow, my sweet love. Today we had a very nice day both of us and I know that many more are waiting for us, but for that, the night must come and we must separate for a few hours. It grieves me a bit to be away from you, but I fall asleep happy with the hope that we will see each other again soon. I send you many kisses, my precious sleeper.

I hope to fall asleep before you so I can wait for you in the world of dreams and take care of you while we are asleep. Maybe I am very affectionate but I love you, love, and I never want to separate from you. Have a good rest because you deserve it. Sweet Dreams.

My love, I know you are very tired and you just want to sleep, but I hope that the last thing you see in the day is this message in which I want to tell you how much I love you and how happy I am to be your polo . I do not want to take away more rest minutes, so close your eyes and sleep rich until dawn.

My love, although you are not physically with me, I feel you on my lips because I still have the taste of your kisses, I feel you in my chest because I still feel the scent of your perfume, and I feel you in my heart because I still remember the throb of your being next to mine. I hope we can meet in our dreams. See you tomorrow, prince.

I would love to sleep hugging you, but since I can not at least I am happy that I can send you my feelings through this message. That you sleep very happy and that your dreams are the most beautiful of all. See you tomorrow, my great love.

I cannot stop thinking about you, not even in my dreams stopped seeing you and that makes me happy every second of my life. I hope you’re already warm in your bed and about to rest. I send you many kiss and hugs so that you sleep thinking about me .

You do not know how much I would like to be able to send me with this message to go out on your phone and throw myself on you to give you thousands of kisses and hugs. Sleep well, love of my heart. Tomorrow a new day awaits you.

My love, I want you to know that at this moment I would give anything to be by your side, sleep in your arms and whisper in your ear how much I love you. You do not know how I want the day to come when we join our lives so as not to separate from you for a single moment. With all my love I wish you sweet dreams.

I hope that tonight you can go to rest easy and that above all you dream with me as I dream every day with you. What I like most about my dreams is that you are always smiling and that makes me very happy. Even though today we have spent the day together, you do not know how much I am missing you. May you rest my sweetheart.

I would like the day to have more hours to spend more time with you. For me, every night is eternal why you are not by my side. Many times I would like to have wings and fly into your arms and fall asleep in them. You cannot even imagine how much I miss you. May you have sweet dreams, cute warn

Every night when I go to rest, I hug my pillow tightly and I think it’s you. I close my eyes and I feel you are inside me. You are that pretty little person who has brought light to my life. I adore you, I miss you and I need you with me. With all my love you have a nice night and sweet dreams.

You do not know how much joy you have brought to my life, cute little treasure. You are like a magic that envelops me and makes my world just happiness. You have the gift of making me smile and more. Thank you for loving me and for allowing yourself to love you as I love you. I’m missing you too much tonight. May you have sweet dreams my life.

Every night I ask the stars to fly by your side and watch your dream. I pray that nothing ever happens to you because otherwise I would die by your side. You are a wonderful man who I adore with all the strength of my being. It’s amazing but I cannot stop missing a single minute of my life. May you rest my king.

Tonight I want to send you through these lines my heart so that you can take care of it, protect it and above all love it. I want you to know that I always dream that we build a palace where you are my king and I am your Reyna. I miss you cute little thing. With all my love I wish you sweet dreams.

There is nothing that would make me happier than watching your dream every night. To be able to hold you in my arms and fill you with kisses. You can never imagine how much I adore you. Have a nice night and you can rest.

Romantic good night messages

Romantic good night messages

Romantic good night messages

Romantic good night messages

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