Short good night messages

The Short good night messages are a little detail that will help you demonstrate what you feel for that person. In this way, your other half will not only fall asleep thinking about you but will love you a little more and fall in love even more with you.

Choose your favorite among these phrases of a good night for someone special and have them end their day with lots of love.

Short good night messages

“I was looking for beautiful flowers to put in a vase, I found you and put you in my heart, sweet dreams and good night, my love.”

“Even if distance separates us, in the dim light of my thought, the most beautiful memories will whisper your name, because in the distance I understood how much I love you, good night, my life.”

“When I say good night, it’s for you to know you’re my last thought before going to sleep.”

“Before I went to sleep I felt something was missing, I had my pillow, my sheets, but I realized that something was missing, I meditated and I remembered that today I did not say goodbye to you, my beautiful, have a good night.”

“Before sleep, look at the sky and remember all the beautiful things we have done and I promise you that you will sleep in peace, as if you were a baby, that is my wish, good night and have beautiful dreams.”

“Good evening, my treasure, although when you sleep you are never alone, because I am always with you, my dear love.”

“Let your consciousness be clouded by sleep and let your arms fall, relax and rest, tomorrow will be a day full of action, good night, my precious love.”

“The day is worth it, if I can finish it with you, good evening.”

“The moon gets angry and the stars are jealous, and it’s because every night you are the most beautiful. Good night, my princess.”

“Tonight before falling asleep, take some time, look at the sky and look for the brightest star: it’s her I’ve asked you to say good night to, my love.”

Short good night Picture messages

Short good night Picture messages

Short good night Picture messages

Short good night Picture messages

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