Sweet Good Night Messages

A dedication is the best you can get to give to someone you love, and when you feel the need to desire the most beautiful and remember the love you feel for that special person for you, the fact of finding some beautiful words that express all your feeling is one of the things that will make you and the person who receives it happier, and for that reason, today you will receive with all our love our lists of images, messages and phrases of good night, the most beautiful and short of love to wish a happy night and to love the heart of your boyfriend or girlfriend, who is the princess of your life and show affection for a special person .

There is nothing more beautiful than going to sleep with all the happiness of knowing that you love me. There is nothing more beautiful than going to sleep knowing that you are happy because I will sleep next to you. Dream and sleep beautiful, happy night.

Sweet Good Night Messages

I want to talk about your dreams to make sure they will make you have a good time. I want to tell your bed to commit to having you comfortable; and I will also speak with the air so that he himself will not dare to touch you because the next and only one who can touch you in a bed will be me.

Today I would like you to go out of your house, to look at the sky and to look at the biggest star. I’ve asked her to send you my wish that you have a good night; I also want you to see that the biggest star is not half as pretty and beautiful as you are.

To the most beloved, kind, humble, beautiful and intelligent person I wish you a beautiful, beautiful and happy night. Today darling, I wish you all the best tonight, that the dreams of this night and those of tomorrow come true.

Stop!! You are forbidden to go to sleep without first having wanted some happy and beautiful dreams; you cannot sleep without first letting you know that I love you very much and that I would like to never have to do this again because soon I want you to sleep with me.

You will sleep among clouds of cotton, some angels will come to accommodate you so that you are more comfortable, your fairy godmother will come to see you make sure you are safe, and all your best dreams will be ready to make you happy while you sleep. Have a beautiful, quiet and happy night.

At night I only do two things: when I go to bed I think of your love and of you, and when I finally fall asleep, I also think of your love and of you. While I cannot sleep with you, I will only think of your love and of you, and when I can sleep with you, I will also think of your love and of you. I love you my life.

Sweetheart, we have already reached the night, and although we are not together, in feelings everything remains the same. We both know that this is temporary and that we will soon be together forever. Dream with me, because I will do it with you!

How I wish I could wake up at midnight with kisses, hugs, and caresses; that I would give for being able to whisper in your ear all that I love you and how precious you are sleeping … That is my favorite dream, and soon it will be my prettiest reality. Sleep and have a very happy and beautiful night.

I love you as you want the night to the moon, as the day to the sun, as the air to the leaves in autumn, as the sea to the breeze, as the poet to inspiration. I love you as you want everything that wants something that needs it in order to be happy, to be able to live, to make sense of its existence.

I ask God to rest fully tonight, have beautiful dreams, and be happy in them. I ask God tonight that tomorrow will start a new and better life for you, where you will fulfill all your dreams and reach all your goals. May all blessings fall on you, my love.

Beautiful and sweet dreams I dedicate to the person that I fell in love, to the person that makes me happy, to the person who loves me so much, and to the person that I love so much. Beautiful and sweet dreams you have this beautiful and beloved night of mine. I love you so much.

Happy princess night, I hope your best dreams receive you to make you enjoy the best night of your life. Thank you for existing!

How beautiful are the nights when I think of you, but more would be if you slept by my side. I need you and I want you by my side soon.

I hope that tonight you will receive the most beautiful dreams and that you will enjoy a comfortable and happy rest.

Rest well tonight and recover your energies, because if God hears my prayers tomorrow could become the most beautiful and unforgettable day of our lives. I love you with my soul!

When you close those little eyes, it is when the most beautiful of all looks in the world rests. I’ll close my eyes and dream with that smile and that look that I love so much.

I like the idea of being able to give you a good night’s dedication, but there’s a reason why I hate it: I send you goodnight messages because you’re far away, when I’d really like you to sleep with me.

Sweet Good Night Messages

Sweet Good Night Messages

Sweet Good Night Messages

Sweet Good Night Messages

Sweet Good Night Messages

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